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Through the beauty of art, Windows to the Divine® promotes patronage and philanthropy.
As patrons, we seek to inspire everyone to become a collector and affirm the special calling of artists. As philanthropists, we support the mission of the Dominicans and their service of the elderly and the homeless.

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  1. Collectors for Connoisseurship National Symposium

    November 13
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Artful Conversations Blog

Napa Valley Arts Scene: Sharing and Pairing Wine with Art Collections

Who says Napa is only for oenophiles and foodies?  Think ART while sipping wine and indulging in Michelin starred cuisine!  From the Napa Valley Museum to the di Rosa collection to the Hess Art Museum, Napa offers art lovers much more than great food and wine.  Last month, with artist Vincent Xeus as our host […]

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